As part of the renovation of the German Mining Museum in Bochum, the in-house 8,000 sqm permanent exhibition was redesigned. As senior designer I drove the continuation and implementation of the exhibition CI and realized it together with the team in a user-friendly and visually appealing way.

Team: Resd and facts and fiction as a joint venture to implement exhibition
architecture, scenography, graphics as well as the graphic production.
Project Scale: about 3 years
My participation in the project: 1.5 years
My tasks:
Graphics: Location of content, design, illustration,
infographics, text typesetting, creation of wall wraps.

Graphic production: creation of print data, coordination of graphic trades (screen printing, plate printing), coordination of time schedules, maintenance of exhibit and graphic lists
Coordination with architecture and exhibition
builders (creation of wall wraps)
Further development of a design system that is tailored to the different areas (text sizes and hierarchies, colors, icons and design elements)
Art direction: briefing and booking of illustrators, costumer journeys/guiding of visitors, quality control
Communication arrangements and communication with the museum and the curators, as well as with the architects
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